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Michigan Product Testing

Alliance Analytical Laboratories provides consulting, testing, auditing and research studies.

We are committed to delivering high quality product testing services in support of your company achieving its quality standards.

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Microbiology Testing

All aspects of food processing including intermediate product, finished product and raw materials. Assurance testing, developing product specifications, manufacturing process risk assessments, shelf life and shelf stability programs; food, pathogen, preservative challenge, mold testing on automotive, marine, clothing and furniture fabrics are a part of our service offerings.
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HACCP Food Safety Training

HACCP Development and Training programs combined with ongoing quality systems will keep your business compliant to international standards. Alliance Analytical Laboratories is a regulations expert in International HACCP standards and SQF practices. IRCA Accredited for ISO 22600:2005. We also perform recall support services, mock recalls and third party audits.
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Feed & Milk Testing

State Certified FDA Lab for Interstate Milk Shippers: Antibiotic Residue, Total Bacteria Count, Total Coliform Count, Somatic Cell Count. Certified National Forage Testing Association (NFTA): Analysis by NIRS & Chemistry, National Reference Laboratory. Manure Analysis.
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Water Analysis

Provides a full spectrum of food nutritional analysis by wet chemistry or data base. Product contaminant investigations for physical, chemical or biological analysis. Michigan DEQ certified for municipal and residential potable water testing. Our Water Data Management System gives you the fastest water testing results on our secured Client Results portal.
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Hops, Beer & Wine Testing

Alliance Analytical Laboratories is accredited as Certified Chemists for the Tobacco & Alcohol Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB). We locally service the growing micro brewery industry in Grand Rapids and West Michigan areas. We also service hop growers who provide product to micro breweries.
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Food Analysis & Produce Testing

Sanitation products, antimicrobial intervention and field screening for antimicrobial residues. FAST Testing Products, try BmegaFAST™ sticks with our agar and disc supplies. LAST Testing for detecting antimicrobial residues in live animal urine. Alliance Analytical Laboratories provides support consultation for proper testing protocol.
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Cosmetics Testing

We specialize in cosmetic and consumer product release testing for microbials, registration studies and contamination investigations. We will support you as technical and regulatory consultants whether you are interested in industry standards or a designed protocol for any matrix you have.
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Kratom Testing

Mitragyna speciosa also known as Kratom has become a valued industry for our operation and we have taken great leaps to offer our services to our valued clients. Our team has been working with this particular sample matrix for many years and the trained personnel who make up our company are very well versed in the methodology.
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CBD Testing

Industrial hemp and it’s naturally occurring phytocannabinoid Cannabidiol (CBD) has become a very popular item on store shelves across the United States and extremely popular in Michigan. Our testing lab near Grand Rapids, MI has been working with CBD for many years and the trained personnel who make up our company are very well versed in the methodology.
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Nutritional Labeling

Alliance Analytical Laboratories generates nutritional facts labels in accordance with FDA labeling guidelines to keep you in compliance. Giving our clients the option to use an Extensive Food & Ingredient Database allows for a more cost-effective approach to...
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Hand Sanitizer Testing

Due to the recent health pandemic, hand sanitizers have become very popular and are being produced at exponential rates by many companies and across many homes. We offer hand sanitizer testing in accordance with the FDA’s recent Temporary Policy for Preparation...
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Legionella Testing

Legionella are transmitted directly from the environment to humans by inhalation. Potable water is the source of Legionella. Humans may inhale aerosols containing small amounts of Legionella water, primarily while bathing due to aerosolization...
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Equine Forage & Feed Testing

Our laboratory knows that hay is the building blocks of a quality nutrition program for your horse. We can give you peace of mind by providing accurrate and reliable hay testing results for your equine forage. Whether you are looking at general...
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USP <51> Preservative Efficacy Testing

USP <51> is a testing protocol used to determine the efficacy of the preservative system in products with aqueous vehicles and/or bases that are defined as products with a water activity of ≥0.6. Frequently referred to as Preservative Efficacy...
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BioPRYN® Livestock Pregnancy Testing

BioPRYN® is the original and trusted blood-based pregnancy test of choice available at Alliance Analytical Laboratories. Using proven technology coupled with Alliance Analytical’s certified Bio-PRYN® Technicians, you receive accurate...
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Alliance Analytical Laboratories is a Grand Rapids testing laboratory with national and international capabilities. Contact us today to request a quote or call us directly at (616) 837-7670.